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Nabídky IT práce a freelance projektů pro programátory a IT specialisty Nabídky IT práce a freelance projektů pro programátory a IT specialisty.

Senior Consultant - Zlín


Náplň Vaší pracovní pozice.:

The workload involves the implementation of our software developed directly by the customer - including communicating with him. The role of the consultant is (in cooperation with business analysts) to prepare a description of the project and to take care of its implementation and handover of the completed work to the customer. At this position is particularly useful ability to learn new procedures and skills that are necessary to fulfill its assigned tasks. The role of the consultant meets both hardware and software, the combination leads to a final solution. Our company has for each area experts who are willing and ready to assist with the completion of their mission - it is one of the requirements also communication skills - including collaboration with other colleagues.

The main content of the workload:

• Work in a team for the successful completion of various tasks

• Consultation with colleagues

• Designing potential solutions, innovation and development of new technologies

• Creativity and simplicity - creating a simple and functional solution

• Good communication skills and good manners towards the customer

• Responsibility in a separate carry out its tasks

• Cooperation with the department QA (resolving any deficiencies)

• Collaboration with Business Analysts in correctly designing the processes and solutions

Vyžadované znalosti:

• Knowledge of MS-Office

• Basic knowledge of MS SQL

• Experience with ERP type of application

• Proven experience in Retail Sector

• Czech native speaker due to implementation activities directly on customer side

Co Vám za to nabízíme:

benefits (travel tickets, meal vouchers, salary in addition, contribution to the pension fund etc.) 
stable international company

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Šárka Pechová

Account manager

+420 733 433 833

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Jazykové znalosti:

Czech - Very Good; English - Very Good;

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Typ pracovního úvazku:

ŽL nebo HPP